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My Spirit Animal Is The SUV

Cheb's teeth even bear a resemblance to the front grill of a Chevy Suburban

“Once I realized that my Spirit Animal is the SUV, the other similarities came pouring in: we both are rugged with off-road capacity, but neither of us ever, ever will touch anything other than pavement. We both eat lots of fuel and have a huge rear end. I have a Suburban, and live in the suburbs. We are both reliable with a cavernous interior and beefy towing capacity.”

The Community Mat Song

This song is from a sketch comedy show entitled The Yoga Show: Wealth and Hellness, written and directed by Jeb Cadwell. Contributors were Tom Vencill, Brittani Ebert, Jen Shin, Nick Vatterot, Katrina Wilman, Renee Gauthier, Angel Rodriguez. When I’m running…