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Metric-Using 12-Step Group Converts To 30.48 Steps

ÇMastering the Metric SystemÈ av Ned V. Schimmizzi

“It all started when I was trying to make an analogy about the 12 steps to recovery resembling the inches in ruler of life,” said sobriety poet Norman MacLear, “But when I posted my poem in an international blog forum, nobody really responded. So I got to thinking, maybe us American 12-steppers should drop our dependency on odd increments, such as 12, and finally adopt the metric system.”

Study Shows Personal Transformation Most Effective After Keg Party, Midnight.


“I find that most people make the best plans for their well-being during a drunken binge,” said Candice Martin, sociologist, during a Skype interview from her bathtub while nursing a hangover. “During the fragile beginnings of our personal transformation, we all like to reminisce about the small talk, keg-stands and Yeager-bombs we enjoyed while first deciding to better our lives.”