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Do Animals Take After Their Countries?

animals take after countries

“Similar to the invasive nature of the Asian Carp, the Chinese Government first occupied Tibet in 1949 and has since murdered over one million Tibetans. They have destroyed over 6,000 sacred temples and have imprisoned and tortured countless thousands of innocent Tibetans.”

My Baseball Analogy For Life Stops When Our Bullpen Warms Up With Less Than A Two Run Lead

baseball analogy

“What if Moses instead had encountered an injured bullpen with weak late relievers and an unreliable closer? I’m telling you, he would get extra innings out of his middle relief, especially if they have the lowest ERA of the pitching staff. I’m talking about Chris Sale, we need to use him more if we are going to catch up to the Twins.”

Octo-Kali Ma: ‘Powerfully Unnecessary Symbol’


“Kali Ma is a Hindu Goddess of energy. She’s extremely revered as a force of time, change, and annihilation,” said Raj Peerzada, Wikipedia surfer. “Nadya Suleman is an American welfare recipient who birthed octuplets in 2009. By conjecture, Octo-Kali Ma is a quick rising symbol of destruction and misappropriation of energy.”

Present Moment Awareness Seminar Not As Good As Last Year


“Phillip is clearly talented, and I am not writing him out of the picture. The main problem is that his current seminar on Present Moment appreciation isn’t as engaging or as memorable as his Present Moment discourses from the past. However, this is not to say that Phillip can’t rebound with strong Present Moment inspiration in the future.”