Point/Counterpoint: A Pro-Lifer vs. A Buddhist Monk

A Pro-lifer is horrified at a Buddhist’s goal to cease the perpetual wheel of incarnation. Photo: Fibonacci Blue

Point: Life Is Sacred

By: A Pro-lifer

Life is a joyous gift from God. This gift is not to be taken for granted, or extinguished. God breathes this sacred gift into each brand new soul the moment it is conceived within the womb.

God, through Mohammed, specifically said, “Thou Shall Not Kill”. Instead we must recognize the forces of good and evil, and we must perfect ourselves for Heaven. God wants us to go forth and multiply, and to spread his kingdom to the ends of the earth. So it is my duty to prevent the genocide of God’s prenatal Kingdom.

The only way to make God happy is to learn his will through the Bible or through your minister, and to follow His will. God wants us to glorify Him, and to increase His flock, created in His Image. A newly conceived soul should be given the opportunity to love God and fear His reproach. Following His law is the only way to escape from the misery of Hell.


Last Words

In the last words of Jesus, “It is finished” he was saying that he had obtained eternal salvation for his people. You must follow the Word of the Lord in order to obtain this Grace. Do your soul a favor and adhere to the Laws of Heaven.

Counterpoint: Life Is Suffering

By: A Buddhist Monk

Life is suffering. We inherit our present lives from impure karmic attachments in previous lives. The very moment we take physical form, our senses lead us astray into a whole world of blind impulses and sorrow. Our goal is to escape from life’s misery by working to extinguish the impulse to exist.

Buddha specifically tells us to eradicate our desires that perpetuate human birth. One who does this, according to Buddha, “Is free from all sorrows, the fetters that bound him are thrown away, and the burning fever of life is no more.” It is my duty to cease the vicious cycle of reincarnation, and prevent others from being re-incarnated.

The only way to escape from the endless cycle of misery is to learn to objectively observe all stimuli that meet the senses, and to not react blindly. We can train ourselves to remain aware of life’s ephemeral input without clinging and craving. In doing so we stop creating Karmic impulses. This is the only way we can escape the agony of existence.

Last Words

In the last words of Buddha, “You must work hard to obtain your own salvation.” Nobody will do it for you. Recognize that everything is temporary, and clinging only furthers your suffering. There is no fixed soul and “heaven” is only a temporary reprieve from earth and hell. You must observe the laws of nature (Dharma) and go beyond suffering by ceasing to be reborn.

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