Octo-Kali Ma: ‘Powerfully Unnecessary Symbol’

Octo-Kali Ma, a quick rising symbol of parasitic excess energy

In the Archetypal Realm, the meta-psyche of western civilization has apparently created a new sub-divine symbol. A marriage of the Sacred (Kali Ma) and the Superfluous (Octomom, Nadya Suleman) has given rise to a powerfully unnecessary entity: Octo-Kali Ma.

“Kali Ma is a Hindu Goddess of energy. She’s extremely revered as a force of time, change, and annihilation,” said Raj Peerzada, Wikipedia surfer. “Nadya Suleman is an American welfare recipient who birthed octuplets in 2009. By conjecture, Octo-Kali Ma is a quick rising symbol of destruction and misappropriation of energy.”

Darkness, Death, Artificial Insemination

Interestingly, though Kali Ma is often associated with darkness and death, she is also worshipped as a benevolent mother goddess. Similarly, though Suleman received artificial insemination, and wants no husband, she has adoring paypal benefactors.

A popular rendition of Octo-Kali Ma, with the blood of tax-payers on her hands

“Were there to be a combination of these natural and unnatural forces, the affect on the psychic landscape would be detrimental,” said Raj Peerzada, “As it is we are already seeing a dominant rise in tax-farm babies and blue Octomom figurines.”

America relates

“Before you know it, due to pop culture and the death of traditional spiritual values, we will see copy-cat Octomoms springing up among the chemically fertile spinster population,” speculated Peerzada, “Vast hoards of uneducated lazy people will actually emulate the parasitic uselessness of the value-crushing Octo-Kali Ma.”

The next step in the proliferation of this new unlikely archetype is for idle-minded pop-culturists to begin dreaming about a “Smurfy Nadya Suleman. “

“When that happens,” concluded Peerzada, “You better start praying to Krishna for deliverance from your squandered life.”

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