Color Therapist To Street Gangs: This Is Not A Turf War

gang and color therapy patient

Members of The Pig Latin Ingskay (wearing yellow pants, unseen), size up a color therapy patient as a potential gang rival.

CHICAGO, IL – In a statement to gangs on the south side of Chicago, color therapist Vivian Peabody has hoisted a white surrender flag. “I heal my clients by having them wear bright colors corresponding to their vibrational needs,” said Vivian, “but in this neighborhood the gangs perceive it as a territory dispute.”

Peabody, owner of Southside Spectrums, continued, “So I’m spreading the word, if you see anyone near my building, wearing a bold display of color, do not shoot. These people just want natural electromagnetic light therapy. This is not a turf war.”

Health and gun triggers

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, was cited in ancient Greek texts, and is still used today to trigger holistic healing effects. Streets gangs, however, use color to represent gang affiliation. Wearing too much red, for instance, over-stimulates the muladhara root chakra, but it could also infuriate an intricate network of street rivals.

“The problem with Southside Spectrums, near 47th and Ashland Avenue, is there are like five different groups all competing for this intersection. Every primary and secondary color is taken except for Indigo, but the problem is, the groups that claim blue and violet keep mistaking them for Indigo.”

Vivian, became visibly saddened, “I thought it was safe to tell my client Hugo to wear Indigo color therapy glasses and matching shirt for his sore throat. And now Hugo is dead.”

color therapist with gang

Color Therapist Vivian Peabody meets with The Disciples of Incarceration (wearing territorial orange cumberbunds, unseen).


Gangs and the chakras they inhibit

Alternative medicine, such as anodyne and color therapy is gaining a foothold in society despite resistance from insurance companies and allopathic skeptics. However, in larger cities, color therapy is also inhibited by misguided youth who turn to a life of violence and drugs.

“I just want to balance energy on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes,” said Vivian, “it is hard for me to get return clientele if they are wounded or killed in a drive-by shooting.”

Each gang that claims a color inhibits healing opportunities for an entire sector of open-minded people. With the help of Chicago Police and Vivian Peabody, we have compiled a list of local Chicago gangs and the detrimental effects they’ve had on alternative wellness seekers.

  • Red – This color has been claimed by “Los Hemos”. Known for stabbings in public areas. Therapeutically, red is very grounding and inspires connection with the earth goddess.
  • Orange – Co-opted by the ex-con group  “The Disciples of Incarceration”. Much like recently released criminals, orange represents stimulation of sexual energy in the second chakra.
  • Yellow – Claimed by The Pig Latin Ingskay – Their fast talking secret language helps them to elude capture from the authorities and to murder without consequence. Yellow awakens the solar plexus chakra and stimulates the pancreas, eyesight and ones faculty of control and freedom.
  • Green – Bandits of Oz Park – This north side gang was responsible for 96 shootings in 2009. Their green bandanas also represent the heart chakra. Bathing in emerald light nourishes the circulatory system and sense of love.
  • Blue – The color of the Bastards of Wormwood. A small but deadly enemy of society. Their chosen color heals the throat, neck, and hearing. A gateway to expressiveness.
  • Indigo – No gang technically has claimed Indigo, but dozens of fatalities per year occur when it is mistaken for blue or violet. In addition to causing accidental shootings, indigo represents the 3rd eye and is connected to the pituitary gland and clairvoyance.
  • Violet, or Purple – The Prics. This is the only gang that allows killings within the gang. The purple they wear opens the crown chakra, our gateway to cosmic consciousness.

To conclude her impromptu press release Peabody pleaded, “I’m urging all gangs to view my clients as non-contenders.  And for your own vibrancy, I recommend wearing yellow, as a balancing agent for control issues; and blue, so you can more creatively express your anger.”

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Photo credit: guys: Seo2/flickr; woman: hipiotix/flickr
Guys with beers: logan anthill/flickr; woman: dulouz cats

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