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September Newsletter: The first few months of Karma Lampoon

Greetings world!

This is my first newsletter. For three months I’ve been writing in the third person, or writing in the first person in a thinly veiled character with sarcastic overtones. So here I am!

The Origins of Karma Lampoon


I’ve been a comedy fan my whole life, raised on Steve Martin, Bill Cosby, SNL and a bunch of the funniest people in the world in childhood Kensington and Exeter, NH. Through a series of bold, existential and hilarious events, I awakened to become a wilderness survivalist mendicant soul-searcher, and eventually a nationally touring stand-up comic.

Performing stand-up comedy at roadhouses, bars, hotel lounges, concrete pits, city rooms and comedy clubs has been super fun, but also has its limits when it comes to the type of material I can effectively deliver. I’ve found workable common ground within eight-second-attention-span-drunk-Middle-America, but recently I created Karma Lampoon to more fully express myself and to reach “my people”. That’s you.

The Future of Karma Lampoon


Eventually – and soon – Karma Lampoon will include more Karma Lampoon-esque stand-up comedy clips and live-action sketch comedy. I also intend to do more video blogging – stories and perspectives straight from the mouth. Spreading the vibe! So get ready!

Am also working on a one-man show and have the makings of a screenplay in my coffers. This will be a slower feed, and I’ll keep you posted, especially when the magic day comes and I can present some teasers and trailers. Regarding the one-man show: Hold your horses, I’ll bring it on tour to theaters and yoga studios all around the world! Patience pays.

Just for fun


Of the 62 posts I have already shared on Karma Lampoon, here is my top favorite 5:

5) The Synonym Drought Sketch: If you read enough yoga magazines and workshop flyers, you will swear that the writers are just using a new age thesaurus. While having the job of promoting yoga workshops, I thought of this sketch, and brought it to life on stage through a talented cast. The acting here is AWESOME.

4) Thanks to this Pup Tent Sweat Lodge, I Am A Virgin Again: I love this one because it happened in real life. Many of these stories happened in real life, but this one was just too much.

3) 10 Ways To Non-Awkwardly Wait For Yoga Class To Start. This occurred to me only moments before I got it down in first draft form. The photoshopping, though, took forever! (I’m still learning). I like it when everyone just gets quiet and meditates before class, because when I’m not on stage or with friends, I’m actually quiet.

2) Dreadlock Clogs Drain. It just had me laughing so hard! And it is connected to another story, As A Spiritual Icon, Will You House Me And My Family. The people and situations in these posts are also based in reality.

1) “Awakened” Yogi Loses Ego, Sense of Humor, Friends. This was one of my first articles, but it is really the closest to autobiographical as I’ve come so far. I act like the guy in this post all the time. This event was based on a time when I lived in Eerie, Colorado, outside of Boulder, with some buddies.

Special Thanks

I want to give some especially heartfelt thanks to a handful of Karma Lampoon friends for whom I feel much gratitude. If you aren’t sappy, you can stop here.

First, in code (because she may not want her name on my blog), I’ll thank my “Friend who practices yoga with my wife and also loves the Roman Empire”. Thank you for recommending your friends on facebook to me. Same goes for VT brother Dan Dolan. Thank you Aaron Larry of Groove Habit. Thank you article subjects Mitch Borkowski, Shawn Monroe , Jef Kaplan, Threadless.

Thank you Las Vegas Yoga Studio ( Thank you for being the first ones to repost one of my stories on FB, and thanks for the awesome review. Thank you Carrboro Yoga Company, Chapel Hill, NC ( Thank you Ian D., for spreading the word and referring me to Elephant Journal. And I very specifically know that there are two others who wrote on facebook that KL is the goods. And thank you Vince Depinto, for helping me learn Photoshop and Illustrator, and for being a bro, and Eric Pennell too for being supportive and encouraging me to do my thing.

And thank you, my wife, for giving me all the material and support.



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