Karma Lampoon Newsletter December 2010

Greetings faithful subscribers and serendipitous web-surfers,

After much time and silence I am excited to be returning to Karma Lampoon. Much has transpired since beginning this ultra-fun project. An explanation is in order!

Firstly, for those of you versed in Ayurvedic sciences, my dosha is Pitta-Vatta. Some may argue and say I’m Vatta-Pitta, but I say labels are for Kapha-Vattas! For those of you who are like, “What are you talking about?!” just know that Vattas often start things in a flurry and then give up. So knowing that I’m also half Pitta, don’t worry I have a sense of rhythm and Karma Lampoon lives on!

Secondly, in the two months since my last bout of productivity I jumped into the world of Screenplay analysis, studies and preparation. The end goal: a movie about a hoarder with space issues who wants to be a material Renunciate (Think Thoreau, Shawn). He joins a spiritual retreat and learns that it is a cover-up operation to get the life-savings of lost-souls and to sell all of their possessions to yuppy consignment shops. In the end, the hero ends up in prison with the fraudulent guru as a cellmate, with no choice but to learn tolerance and meditate for the duration of his sentence.

Shortly into this new all-encompassing project, my wife and I experienced a blessing in disguise that shifted the direction of all of our energies since then.

Learning that our landlord (to remain anonymous because he redeemed himself…read on!) had been “accidentally” siphoning electricity from our circuits for 5 years – always undetected due to the consistency of the meter overages. We were compensated for our losses and due to the not-so-cool apartment vibe thereafter and other professional circumstances we simultaneously decided to move to Hollywood.


This is Illinois today, what I left behind. Photo credit: my nephew who is there (sorry kiddo!)

Our energies were next completely enwrapped in working overtime for extra cash, selling everything we own (except some boxes and duffel bags), driving to Los Angeles, getting an apartment, and finding new employment. I had to say temporary goodbyes to all my great Midwest booking agencies (and one lame one). I also had to say goodbye to one of the absolutely coolest flexible day jobs in the world (Threadless.com). And my wife left behind a yoga community that is certainly missing her classes, big time.

hollywood_front door

This is the view from right outside my front door, today, where rent costs less than half of what it was in Chicago, and we don't pay for our landlord's electricity. Instead, utilities are included.

Hence, we now have a great apartment in Hollywood, there are Yoga studios and environmental-types and creative types everywhere, and we love it. And there is so much nature so close by! It has been a remarkable journey.

In the weeks to come, as we solidify employment and get settled, I look very forward to resuming content production and expanding the scope and sphere of Karma Lampoon (to include more Environmental and Humanitarian comedy articles, and other media formats beyond satire).

Thank you for tuning in! Thank you for your patience! Thank you for telling your friends to subscribe to Karma Lampoon for free!

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