When I’m Thinking of Someone and the Phone Rings, it’s That Person, a Bill Collector


Times are tough, even for psychics. Graffiti: Bet you coulda predicted that.

by Mark Chardwhich
I have an unshakeable belief in the supernatural. It is obvious to me that we are all interconnected, psychic beings. Even in my daily life I am constantly reminded of our metaphysical bond. For example, it seems like every time I’m thinking of someone, and the phone rings, it’s that person. Unfortunately, that person is usually a bill collector.

“The mystic side of life is revealed through the mundane,” so the saying goes. My life seems extremely mundane since I fell into debt, so it makes sense that the mystic side would also extremely increase.

Like the other day I spent my whole paycheck on rent, and in the back of my mind, almost in my subconscious, I was thinking about utilities. I recalled my last apartment where the landlord stole electricity, leaving me with an $800 bill. Just then the phone rang, and it happened to be a collection agency looking for the $400 balance that I’m still working on.

Cosmic. But not just that, it also felt like déjà vu. It seems like I’d had that same conversation before.

A Pure Channel

The only requirement necessary to tap into our natural extra-sensory perception is that we remain open-minded. If we listen to our impulses, we have a greater likelihood of living in the light.

I did this the other evening, before I went to bed. I had an uncanny feeling that a collection agent would call me at 6:30 am. I don’t know why I had this premonition, after all it hadn’t occurred to me during the previous thirty mornings when they called. But I followed my gut, and turned off my ringer for the night.

Thanks to my inner-spirit, I was able to sleep an extra hour, into the daylight, before going to my spirit-numbing job.

Sallie Mae, and then again Sallie I May Not

Yesterday I was standing in line waiting to get the missing garnish for my one meal of the day: a dollar menu item. Suddenly I got mad at our government for giving tax breaks to oil companies, while imposing fines on me because my payment plan isn’t working out fast enough for them. Guess who calls? The IRS. They want to garnish my wages.

Psychic bonds like that usually only exist among siblings.

I’ve heard it said that the mystic side of life is revealed through the mundane. My life seems extremely mundane since I fell into debt, so it makes sense that the mystic side would also extremely increase.

Sometimes the synchronicities happen back-to-back. Just recently, I was curled up in fetal position trying to shut out the world for 20 minutes between my two jobs. Suddenly I was struck with a wave of panic; clearly I was channeling the energy of a non-human entity, perhaps a corporation.

Just then Sallie Mae called. I told them I might pay them on the 15th, but then again it may not be till the following pay period. Looking at my phone made me think about my outstanding phone bill. Apparently my third-eye chakra was open at that moment, because Sprint called to threaten service interruption.

On the lighter side, if that happens, it would put an end to all the threatening calls.

Keeping the Faith

My parents taught me to follow my dreams. I’ve learned to live outside of my comfort zone. I remember hearing as a child; “It is the unknown areas of life that yield unknown riches.”

More recently I’ve also come to realize that it’s the unknown area codes that yield conversations with collection agencies. I don’t fear these area codes. I simply forge forward into new uncomfortable zones.

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