Yoga teacher continually promotes next event while teaching current event


Liz Reeves demonstrates trikonasana while promoting a workshop and using a second iPad with to visit her home computer.

Santa Monica – Liz “Visualization” Reeves talks about present moment awareness in weekly yoga classes and dozens of retreats while simultaneously tweeting that she is looking forward to her next class or workshop elsewhere.

Her approach is widely considered the logical use of an extraordinary mind with a need to micro-blog.

“Just because we are connecting with the inner spirit doesn’t mean that we have to disconnect from social media,” said Liz in a phone interview with Karma Lampoon between questions of a Skype interview she was doing with Santa Monica Weekly while her yoga students were laying in a restorative pose.

“I just love teaching slow restful classes, so I have time to tell Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, and Wikipedia that I’m doing something important but I’d rather be elsewhere as well.”

During the course of this short interview Reeves tweeted twice that she couldn’t wait to do a different interview next week, for a different blog.

Positives, like texting

In some cases, Reeves’ unusual approach has opened the minds of her students.

“The first time I was aware that she was tweeting during class I thought she was on her iPod, just finding the next song. But I saw later on Twitter she was writing, ‘Can’t wait for tomorrow,’” said student Linny Northrush. “At first I was bothered, because she had just said, ‘Bring your mind to the here and now.’”

Northrush remains a faithful student. “I’ve learned to focus on her positives, like teaching me supta baddha konasa and that it’s ok to text during class.”


Above: A  student can’t wait until after class to read her teacher’s mid-Om status update.

I’m OK, you’re, Oh…busy

Other students, such as Jerry Mateo find it hard to accept that Reeves’ double tasking is an efficient use of a mind with too much focus-power.

“As a former student, I found some of her sequencing jolting, she’d skipped a counter-pose or the left-side of the sequence,” said Mateo. “She was friendly so I probably would still take her class but they took it off the schedule because she was gone all the time for retreats.”

Headstanding up for herself

When asked to comment on the negativity, Liz “Visualization” Reeves explained, “I have an extra-developed ability to focus on small details, like spelling while making sure students don’t get hurt falling out of headstand.”

After a short pause to Skype chat with Santa Monica Weekly, Reeves concluded, “Just because our breathing takes place in the present moment doesn’t mean we can’t think of our breathing in May during my Yoga In The Redwoods Retreat. You should go! I’ll be teaching backbends and promoting my late May Costa Rica retreat.”

Thanks for reading this satire. Please pass on the yoga comedy to your friends! 

Photo Credit: flickr/lululemon athletica and tachyondecay

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