After Careful Consideration, Yoga Teacher Recommends Yoga

Jordan Finlay, 22 year old expert on everything.

Madison, WI – Associated Sentient Press – In a conversation about tooth pain, area future yoga-teacher Jordon Finlay took a moment to think of a natural remedy to the problem, and then recommended Yoga. Findlay’s solution was not a surprise, as Finley recommends Yoga for every conceivable problem.

“Sciatica? Try Yoga. Headache? Yoga. Don’t know what to talk about at a party? Yoga” said Finlay who most likely doesn’t ever go to parties.

Scientists have confirmed that Yoga has innumerable health benefits, but to deem it as a universal answer to every problem could be a mistake.

“In my pefect world, even emergency paramedics would prescribe asana for trauma victims. Just because someone has a headwound, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn what a shoulderstand is, at least for later. ”

Some people, though yoga enthusiasts, get turned off when Jordan blindly acts like an expert.

“I stubbed my toe at work the other day, and here’s Jordan, telling me I need to practice Tree Pose in order to be more mindful,” said Trader Joe’s shift manager Terry Lambert.

“When I told him he was bothering me, he suggested Child’s Pose for my nerves.”

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