Wow! Someone’s Really Talking About Me! Or I Have Tinnitus

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Above: Jen Wadcell trying to hear through her psychic ringing

Creative Commons License photo credit: jdn

By Jen WadCell

This is great, my ears are ringing! I wonder who is talking about me? Could it be that hunk, Jim from work? Or could it be my best friend Becky? Or maybe it is just tinnitus, a hereditary physical ailment which also plagued my grandmother and my father.

I’m a good person, so I don’t worry that people would be talking negatively about me. In fact, I get excited to think that I made a good impression on someone today and am being mentioned gratefully. That is, if this ringing isn’t just a common symptom of head trauma and stress. Believe me, I have both.

Someone could easily be talking about me because of all of the social networking I do. I’m on facebook and twitter. I hope to spark lots of thought-provoking discussions based on my retweets. Or, this could be tinnitus, a condition that would make me a social handicap.

I read once that everyone is connected, psychically. Now, I don’t really believe in all of this, but I have experienced some weird things.  Like I’d think of someone and immediately they’d call. But those are bill collectors! LOL. Or, I’d be singing a song and then turn on the radio, and there it is, Dido!

So, for the most part I’m just like tickled! Like, I’m freaking out over here, because someone is really, REALLY talking about me strongly. It is creating a very high, and occasionally a low pitch, almost a buzzing. Sometimes it even sounds like crickets or spring peepers.

If this is a secret admirer, he better stop admiring me so vocally, or he’ll reveal his secret! Also, if he doesn’t stop, I might have to get one of those little phantom hearing aids.

The funny thing about whoever is chatting it up about little ole Jen, is that they  talk about me mostly continuously but sometimes pulsating in time with my heartbeat.

Or course, Tinnitus also has that same symptom. But what are the odds? On my facebook profile alone there are 431 people who could be talking about me. But my ears? I only have two!

Oh shoot, I just missed a phone call. Hmm, I thought I had the ringer volume up. I did have it set to ring. I didn’t hear it, did you?

You did?  Hm.

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2 comments for “Wow! Someone’s Really Talking About Me! Or I Have Tinnitus

  1. veek
    July 21, 2010 at 8:41 am

    just curious – what does the picture of that woman have to do with today’s blog? i feel like i am missing something.

  2. July 21, 2010 at 8:48 am

    HI! I added a caption to clarify. This is supposed to be from her perspective, though you could have thought it was mine, as my name is at the top. What I need to do is remove the “by Jeb Cadwell” so that my fictional character’s names stick out more prominently.

    Thanks for making KL stronger! Please keep posted!

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