The Skipping Instructional Yoga CD Sketch

The Yoga Intervention Part 2

This scene is from a Sketch Comedy show called, “They Yoga Show: Wealth and Hellness”.

In a previous scene, also posted on Karma Lampoon (Right Here!) our cast involves themselves in a Yoga Intervention, telling Gordon that he is practicing the wrong sequence of poses. Gordon argued that all poses lead to God, and they countered that he is connecting to God wrong.

In a parting shot, Gordon storms out and claims, “I don’t need you! I have an instructional yoga cd!”.

Cut to the above scene, which you should click on and enjoy: Gordon is at home readying to practice to his yoga cd. He is determined to follow directions no matter what, much like Buddha was prepared to not leave the Bodhi Tree until he reached enlightenment. But the CD begins to skip on the word, “Exhale”. The family comes to the rescue and also meet with dire circumstances.

The Yoga Show was written and acted by Tom Vencil, Brittani Ebert, Nick Vatterot, Angel Rodriguez, Jen Shin, Katrina Wilman, Renee Gauthier. Karma Lampoon editor, Jeb Cadwell was the headwriter and director of The Yoga Show. And I played Gordon.

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