Digitally Assisted Creative-Visualization: Your Headset To Happiness

A busy manifestor is equipped with Portable Visualization Luggage. It’s Like Blue Tooth for the eyes.

Think, and Become! Creative visualization makes dreams come true. Use imagination to manifest your goals. By consistently picturing your dream world, you will create money, love, a boat, and whatever you want!

The Universe listens. You just have to ask with clarity.

Then why are we not all rich, happy and healthy? If Creative Visualization is so easy, why does misery exist at all?

The inspirational answer:

We fail because we are lazy and uncreative. We fail because we can’t visualize.

But now, with help from Digitally Assisted Creative-Visualization (DAC-V) Corporation, you will never have to succumb to the shortcomings of your dull mind. For the first time, you can be truly successful despite your lackluster upbringing and your lame goal setting.

Introducing DAC-V Creative Videolization™. Even a chronic dullard can finally visualize without expending precious mind power. Google™ Image search engines power DAC-V technology. Even if your desires are completely obscure, if there is an online image of it, DAC-V can download it for you.

Here’s how it works.

  • Choose your Desire. If you do not know what to desire, we recommend the following: Money, Health and/or Sex. If these do not fit your personality, DAC-V will assist you in doing a Google™ search for, “What Should I Desire?”
    As of this printing, there are currently 36,600 results from which to choose.
  • Using a DAV-C microcomputer headset, type in the keywords associated with your desire.
  • Put the headset on your head.
  • Select One-Lens or Two-Lens settings. If you choose two Lenses, both eyes will see the Google™ image search results for your desired keyword. This setting is recommended when you don’t absolutely need to see your immediate surroundings. Good for family time, desk jobs, and bedroom activities.
    If you choose the One-Lens setting you will be able to see the search results through one lens while seeing the world around you through the other lens. Recommended for dating, driving and bedroom activities when your partner is too insecure for you to use the Two-Lens setting.

With your DAC-V headset, you can literally go about your business all day and night long while visually double-tasking. Your conscious and subconscious mind will constantly be attuned to countless unfiltered Google™ images. It’s Like Blue Tooth for the eyes.

If you see an occasional nipple slip, plumber’s butt, or glimpse of Paris Hilton’s vagina, it is a small price to pay for that corner office that you’ve been trying to manifest but can’t quite picture.

A common misconception is that you cannot use DAC-V technology when you are offline. However, thanks to battery packs, USB cables, external hard-drive technology, and suitcases, you can always carry along your previously downloads images. Ask your DAC-V salesperson about Portable Visualization Luggage. Start lugging around your tomorrow, today!

A common question: Can I set my Google SafeSearch Filter to Strict, to block explicit content?

DAC-V does not wish to inhibit the fulfillment of anyone’s dreams. So they do not wish to allow you to limit your Image Search Results to a strict filter. Doing so would drastically reduce your possibilities. If you see an occasional nipple slip, plumber’s butt, or glimpse of Paris Hilton’s vagina, it is a small price to pay for that corner office that you’ve been trying to manifest but can’t quite picture. So, No.

With the harnessed power of the mind you will never have to endure unwanted circumstances. You won’t have to wake up early, or go to bed early, or go to work, or keep track of expenses, or not have a boat. You won’t have to be nice in order to have friends. You won’t have to go to the dentist to alleviate that pain in your mouth. As soon as the pain starts, just visualize it not there.

FIP Harbor

Once you set your goals straight, you won’t have to worry about not having a boat.

With extended use of a DAC-V headset, you won’t have to eat healthy foods in order to gain health. You won’t have to do market research, or edit your writing, or plan for the future.  You don’t need to educate yourself in your field. You won’t need to extend common courtesy to people whom are beneath you. All this can be yours when you take control of your life with the positive energy of your mind

The DAC-V team is not just a group of search-result engineers. They are the Champions of Your Dreams, the Triumph of your Tomorrow. They want your imagination to succeed despite being raised on video games and television. They want you to put on your headset, and head into your future!

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2 comments for “Digitally Assisted Creative-Visualization: Your Headset To Happiness

  1. aaron Larry
    July 31, 2010 at 9:06 am

    i’ll take 2 dac v’s please and thank you!!

  2. Jeff W.
    July 31, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Smart, funny! Nobody else is doing stuff like this. Please keep the stories coming!

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