20 Ways To Know When To Change Your Spiritual Practice

Have you made a sacred vow to a method of self-transformation and now you just don’t feel the same about it?

A spiritual path is meant to transform us from impulsive, base beings into conscious, elevated souls. We strive to resist old habits and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to purifying our minds and bodies.

Spiritual paths, by their nature, cause growth pains. Transformation doesn’t always feel blissful. That’s why it is important not to abandon ship at first sign of discomfort. We must persevere. However, in a world of choices there is no reason to devote time to the wrong path. Ask yourself, “Am I not seeing signs that it is time for me to spice up my practice of inner stillness?”

A stone pathway in this picture is symbolic of your spiritual path

Don’t be a martyr.There is no need to have a Dark Night of the Soul when you have attractive, well-lit alternatives. After all, you only have this specific personality once.

Avoid being spiritual too long in the wrong way. You must learn to recognize indicators of change.

The 20 Indicators of When To Change Your Spiritual Practice:

1)    Doubt. Do you have a nagging, ever-persistent sense that you do not have the qualities it takes to succeed on a spiritual path? This could be the voice of your angels, or maybe even God. If anyone knows your potential to fail, it would be your higher self.  Choose an easier spiritual path such as Reverse Psychology Refrigerator Magnets.

2)    Agitation. When you go to meditate, or pray, or whatever it is you do, are you filled with a tense, almost nervous energy? Perhaps you feel a strong desire to “keep busy,” because you have “too much going on”. Switch up your priorities and use this energy to do all your chores and business plans. You can always resume your Spiritual Practice as soon as you succeed financially and don’t have to work a day job anymore. But once a year, take a pilgrimage somewhere affordable, like Indiana.

3)    Tiredness. When it comes time to get spiritual are you overwhelmed with drowsiness? Do you start to fall asleep as soon as you go within? Have you already tried Caffeine and Rescue Remedy? This is an indicator that you need to try a more exciting path to perfection. Try the Pontius Pilates Method™.

Rescue Remedy and Espresso

4)    New Job. New jobs consume lots of time and energy. When you have a new job and you do it well, you will feel rewarded. Switch your entire focus to this new outlet of fulfillment for a while. Your new boss and non-transcendent new co-workers will appreciate your accessibility.

5)    New Relationship. See New Job.

6)    New Move. Moving to a new town, city or upstairs is both chaotic and promising. Every activity is brimming with potential energy for great new achievements. But your old spiritual associations are a continuum of the old self that you moved to escape. Don’t let your old-self ruin your new life, and so don’t let it celebrate your old religion.

7)    Incomplete Drug Experimentation. While it is highly common for adolescents and young adults to “Experiment” with drugs and alcohol, it is uncommon to find enlightened beings that depend on this external stimulus. If you find yourself in a spiritual funk and have ever-increasing attraction to intoxicants, chances are you never fully finished your old drug experiments. Switch your Spiritual Path by wholeheartedly investing yourself in proving the hypothesis of your drug investigations.

8)    Craving. You would rather lust after anything that brings you pleasure. A great many spiritual leaders were champions of this path. Epicurus; Ben Franklin, Andandavon Bhagamon. If everything about you screams that you’ll grow to be obese or shot by a jealous cuckold, you should consider exploring your hedonistic side.

Andandamon Bhagavon, one of the founders of spirituality. Can you house him?

9)    Dating Your Guru. Congratulations. You’ve been given a spiritual promotion. Either that or you will remain the student in the relationship and cause for some Guru discomfort when you try to shift the power balance to 50/50. Dating your Guru is an indication that you may soon not be able to tolerate your Guru. So you should start shopping around for a new Guru.

10) Guru Dies. When your Guru dies, usually there will be a quickly rising torrent of tax fraud and sexual harassment allegations. You will probably want to separate yourself from the movement.

11) Anti-Depressant Medication. Prozac, lithium and other such synapse retardants take the edge off of your search for completeness. Desire is the root of all suffering, so if you feel too numb to desire, you will thereby not generate suffering. Keep up the good ingesting, Pilgrim!

12) Oprah. If you are what Oprah was, and Oprah switched, you are already subconsciously considering checking out what Oprah has become.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, your beacon of light. photo credit: Alan Light

13) Absolute Conviction of Reincarnation. When you are advanced enough to become acutely aware of past lives, you gain the knowledge that more lives await in your future. Your sense of immediacy shifts. With this awareness comes the new option to take a few lives off. You cannot do this if you are a Bodhisattva.

14) Herpes. Did your old spiritual path lead you to promiscuous behavior by trusting Spiritual Gigolos who gave you a venereal disease? On the plus side, Herpes demonstrate the interconnectivity of the Spiritual Community. On the down side, it is still Herpes.  You may attain this indicator if you go on nude retreats at hot springs and equate an open heart with open legs. This indicator makes one really not want to associate with such selfish people. However, once you have herpes, the most courteous thing to do is to remain sexually active only among your fellow virally infected aspirants.

15) Had Kids, Feel Fine Now. Only a parent can know the elevated sense of worth that accompanies childbirth. There is no longer a question of vocation. Your next 18 years will be all about a specific journey of being a nurturing provider. You won’t have to worry about who you are, only about what you have to do for otherssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss..  Oh, excuse me; I fell asleep on the keyboard for a moment.

16) Protein Deficiency. Vegetarianism and non-violence are core aspects of most conscious beings.  After a few years of Vegetarianism, most aspirants never properly adjust their diets to include the proper nutrients. A protein deficiency is the first indicator of an aspirant resuming meat consumption and not caring so much about entire chunks of Hindu philosophy.

17)  Extinction of Spirit Animal. You gain your spiritual power from a Spirit Animal; you share a connection to its metaphysical essence. The sprit of that animal serves as your connector to the Great Spirit. However if your Spirit Animal becomes extinct, you will have no connection to the Great Spirit. In this case we recommend a Creative Visualization Headset or a LifeScripter™ Program.

A busy manifestor is equipped with Portable Visualization Luggage. It’s Like Blue Tooth for the eyes.

18) Estrangement From Friends and Family. This is a wonderful milestone along the development of your soul. As soon as you no longer have much in common with your relatives and peers, you will be ready to meet people of a much higher caliber. However, all of these people will also soon become embarrassing.

19)  Embarrassed By Peers. This is an intermediate to advanced level of development. Beginners will attract eccentric friends who think outside of the box. This is good. A few years later, however, those same friends will be perceived to be obnoxious and insecure. I mean, who else plays harmonica on the sidewalk, shirtless, wearing a bear claw necklace?

20) Vague Sense of Dissatisfaction. You could be onto something here. Follow it to its source and then quit everything else.

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