Rising Signs Switched At Birth


An unbalanced Zodiac, inherited by Melanie Remick, ruins her life. photo credit: Megh Barker

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Imagine living your whole life only to realize you had been living the ascendant sign of someone else’s astrology chart?

This is exactly what happened to Melanie Remick and Angelica Juarez of Prescott, Arizona. Their rising signs were switched at birth, and their lives look drastically different courses. The mistake only took a split second to make, but the implications lasted for over four decades.

The Switch

“The nurse got confused because she took lunch right in the middle of the birth certificate paperwork, “ said Melanie, “and because of that, I feel like I’ve been an imposter for forty two years.”

The switch took place at about 1:15 pm on August 31,1968. The two girls had been born approximately 1 hour apart. During this hour, the constellation on the horizon switched. And after this hour, the paperwork switched as well.

“I mean, we’re still both Virgos. But I’ve lived my life in some pretty unpopular shoes. Namely, the shoes Angelica Juarez was supposed to wear,” She sniffled, “And I really lost out on my childhood as a Sagittarius rising. I hope you enjoyed it Angelica!”

“I was supposed to be charismatic, even magnetic. Instead…instead I have become…I have become this…vindictive and cold…like a scorpion!”

Rising Sign That Could Have Been

A rising sign is one of the main astrological elements said to determine our personality and course in life. It is determined by the constellation on the eastern horizon at the location and time of birth. This aspect is said to affect our aspirations and the way we present ourselves to the world.

“And I was perceived as a Scorpio Rising, wrongly, my whole life,” said Melanie, “ Everyone just expected me to be typically insecure and jealous. But by nature I was supposed to be good tempered and optimistic. I believe I became cynical because subconsciously it was expected of me.”


Melanie put her face in her hands. “I was supposed to be charismatic, even magnetic. Instead…instead I have become…I have become this…vindictive and cold…like a scorpion!”

Melanie is Virgo with Taurus Moon and Scorpio Rising, born at 11:45 am on August 31, 1968. Angelica, born on the same day at 12:45 pm is a Virgo with Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Rising.

“But my whole life, I hated my entire filter through which I perceived the world.” Melanie continued, “And now I know why, and it’s not my fault. It wasn’t even my filter. For that, I am pissed.”

Melanie Remick, an accidental Scorpio Rising. Angelica declined being photographed.

Creative Commons License photo credit: akk_rus

Late Discovery

The switch was discovered 42 years after the fact, when Melanie had a lifelong nagging feeling that something was not quite right in her life. She began probing details and eventually built a speculative case that a nurse is to blame for her life of ostracism.

When asked for comment, Angelica said, “Look, I really think Melanie needs to stop worrying about details of when she was born and what the stars were doing, and start looking for ways to, you know, get a life.”

Angelica has declined Melanie’s plea to join a class action lawsuit. In doing so, Angelica had acted more like a Sagittarius rising than the Scorpio rising on her chart. This observation alone has inspired Melanie to seek a private lawsuit.

“I’ll Get You”

“How dare society breed vindication within my heart! I’ll show them that I’m no Scorpio. I’ll show them who is lovable and loyal!”

At the time of this printing, Melanie has made a trip to Angelica’s childhood neighborhood to get in touch with, “the landscape I was denied.”

Angelica however, declined making a trip to the more affluent neighborhood in which Melanie was raised.

“She can have my rising sign, for all I care,” concluded Angelica charmingly.

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