Holistic Wellness Blogger Gets Pissed At Plug-in, Widget

An angry moment while trying to convey a peaceful sentiment.

News Brief

CHICAGO, IL – In an ironic blowout, Health and Wellness blog writer Jed Chardwall had a complete meltdown while trying to set up his RSS feed subscription so he could more easily broadcast to the world his blissful message without 3rd party ads.

“I don’t know what happened, I just, I really lost it,” said Jed as soon as he calmed down enough to write a satirical article about his wasted night. “I’ve been using this widget that doesn’t let me know who is subscribing, and it inserts ads without my approval, and then I try to figure out how to integrate it to feedburner, but then the widget was obsolete so I was like, “Is there a plug-in for this?”

Prior to this month, Jed didn’t know what a widget was, or a plug-in, or an RSS feed, or a “Right Click.” His soul got very claustrophobic, longing for higher guidance, and he bruised his knuckles on the desk.

“I just want to get this set up correctly so I can post a poem about my connection to the calming Om sound of the universe,” said Jed, totally about to scream. “But instead I feel like I’m in hell and the friggin’ web is loading super slowly because my neighbor’s unprotected wifi sucks.”

Fit To Blog?

When asked if he is sure he is cut out to be a Wellness blogger due to his panic attacks and hate for computers, he responded, “Dammit! I’m an artist! You know, I don’t have time for your questions right now, I have to friggin’ blog.”

Jed proceeded to bang out a very short blog post about his widget, plug-in and feedburner tantrum. “It actually felt pretty good getting it out, but I still feel like I’m wasting my life trying to maximize my potential over here.”

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