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Thank you for your interest. Karma Lampoon would mean nothing without you! Please tell your friends.

I want to clarify how to subscribe to my blog, and what it entails. Much of the next few paragraphs are for beginner blog followers.

There are many ways to follow blogs. An awesome way is to always just return to KarmaLampoon.com on your own. But you can also have new posts delivered to you through countless networks and online tools. These are all available, and you will find links within this page, at the bottom.

Though there are countless ways to receive blog feeds, the main two are: Email and RSS.

About RSS

We know email, but many don’t know what is RSS. In short, it is a “Real Simple Syndication”, a bare bones feed of the blog delivered to your “feed reader” along with whatever other blogs you subscribe to. Calm down! A feed reader is just a page where you get your subscribed blog updates delivered in the RSS format. Most email programs have them as features. Google has a great feed reader, so if you are already on gmail, you are only 2 clicks away. RSS feeds don’t clutter your inbox, and they allow you to get updates for numerous blogs and to organize your feed stream to your liking. So in a way, a Feed Reader is a basically your way of creating your own stream of news from all your favorite sources. And it is free.

How to do it

1) Email subscriptions: On the right side bar there is a box where you can enter your email address and click the “Good Karma” button. Then go to your inbox and confirm your subscription. You will also see places at the bottom of posts and within the RSS feed where you can subscribe.

2) RSS Feed: Wherever you see the orange RSS symbol, you can click it and then at the top of the resulting page, subscribe to the RSS feed via whatever feed reader you choose. It is also here where you can instead subscribe to email if you prefer.

More About Subscibing

1) Karma Lampoon is for fun. I hope to amuse you, and simultaneously have tons of fun. ┬áThere is no commitment. You don’t need to comment or “make friends.” You can just read and enjoy! (Or course, if you like it, I encourage you to use the buttons to share with your existing friends).

Karma Lampoon does offer the forum to communicate your opinions through the posts, suggest stories, submit stories for consideration. I do hope to eventually foster blog discussions about the topics I am lampooning. However, this is all optional, and for fun at will.

2) Subscription is free and confidential. There is no cost to receive email feeds of Karma Lampoon. Also, when you subscribe, your email address will remain confidential. Karma Lampoon will not redistribute your email to anyone, for any reason. I won’t spam you. Eventually Karma Lampoon will gain enough notoriety to gain me (the editor) some awesome audiences for speaking engagements and film screenings, and much more. However, even then, there will be no bothersome sales pitches.

And one last note: On the far left side of Karma Lampoon is a pop-out bar that contains the other social networks of which Karma Lampoon is part. Link here to find and join Karma Lampoon’s other homes. Youtube, Digg, Facebooks…and growing!

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