Psst. Hey. Psst. I Only Joined This Silent Retreat To Meet People For My Network Marketing Business

Silent retreat network

“Judging from the quick, almost agitated glance you just gave me, I can tell you want more information about this amazing opportunity for growth. But I imagine you’re frustrated that our voluntary vow of silence prevents you from asking questions. Don’t worry; I really don’t mind doing all the talking.”

Study Shows Personal Transformation Most Effective After Keg Party, Midnight.


“I find that most people make the best plans for their well-being during a drunken binge,” said Candice Martin, sociologist, during a Skype interview from her bathtub while nursing a hangover. “During the fragile beginnings of our personal transformation, we all like to reminisce about the small talk, keg-stands and Yeager-bombs we enjoyed while first deciding to better our lives.”