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Simple formula for showing up to teach yoga class on time

showing up on time

One of my yoga teachers, Ethel Farbstein, is very skilled and quite popular, but always arrived 15 or even 25 minutes late. The problem she said is that she, “lives like 45 minutes away.”
My compassion welled up inside of me. Sure, she was hurting repeat business, but the poor thing! It was just so sad that circumstances were so difficult for her.

Karma Lampoon’s top 100 comedy posts about yoga, spirituality, health and wellness, the environment

yoga fortress

Karma Lampoon has reached post number 100! To celebrate I’m listing the top 100 posts of all time!

You got it, these aren’t just the top articles and videos, these are all of them. I’m adding a few notes on the inspiration and various backstories. They are listed in descending order, beginning with the most hits.

Dropped Psychic Connection Ruins Channeled Conversation


“I hired Ethel to channel my husband Vance, to settle some questions that I’ve had since I lost him in a tragic late-night bird watching accident,” said former housewife Rebecca Cramston, in a post-séance interview. “But right when he was about to dispel rumors that he was unfaithful, Farbstein must have lost her telepathy signal or something.”

Ear Candles Ruin Birthday Cake

ear candles birthday cake

“I’m so sorry I altered his cake beyond edibility, this didn’t happen when I used ear candles on my daughter’s cake,” said Farbstein who actually did destroy her daughter’s Cinderella cake before blocking out the memory with euphemisms. “I mean, I remember my daughter’s cake being warm, but not melted.”