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I assume the librarian judged my half-assed lies about stealing The Four Agreements, and I take it personally.

angry four agreements

I stole a self-help book. I helped myself to a copy of “The Four Agreements.” I needed it more than someone with the moral standards to not steal it. Besides, it was a public library and I pay sales tax. But I’m an honest guy, so I’m going to tell you the truth: I lied to the librarian when she asked me about it.

Simple formula for showing up to teach yoga class on time

showing up on time

One of my yoga teachers, Ethel Farbstein, is very skilled and quite popular, but always arrived 15 or even 25 minutes late. The problem she said is that she, “lives like 45 minutes away.”
My compassion welled up inside of me. Sure, she was hurting repeat business, but the poor thing! It was just so sad that circumstances were so difficult for her.

Metric-Using 12-Step Group Converts To 30.48 Steps

ÇMastering the Metric SystemÈ av Ned V. Schimmizzi

“It all started when I was trying to make an analogy about the 12 steps to recovery resembling the inches in ruler of life,” said sobriety poet Norman MacLear, “But when I posted my poem in an international blog forum, nobody really responded. So I got to thinking, maybe us American 12-steppers should drop our dependency on odd increments, such as 12, and finally adopt the metric system.”