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Digitally Assisted Creative-Visualization: Your Headset To Happiness


“With your DAC-V headset, you can literally go about your business all day and night long while visually double-tasking. Your conscious and subconscious mind will constantly be attuned to countless unfiltered Google™ images. It’s Like Blue Tooth for the eyes. For the first time, you can be truly successful despite your lackluster upbringing and your lame goal setting.”

Reverse-Psychology Word Magnets


280+ Word Magnets: The power of detesting your own pessimistic language is yours with Reverse Psychology Word Magnets. Whether you form poetry, prose or negative affirmations, these magnets help you see the ridiculousness of your bad attitude so much, you change! When you blatantly see your own self-defeating attitude on your refrigerator, you will realize just how ridiculous you have been. You will gain strength to stop being self-negating.