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Karma Lampoon Newsletter December 2010

hollywood_front door

Greetings faithful subscribers and serendipitous web-surfers, After much time and silence I am excited to be returning to Karma Lampoon. Much has transpired since beginning this ultra-fun project. An explanation is in order! Firstly, for those of you versed in…

Ear Candles Ruin Birthday Cake

ear candles birthday cake

“I’m so sorry I altered his cake beyond edibility, this didn’t happen when I used ear candles on my daughter’s cake,” said Farbstein who actually did destroy her daughter’s Cinderella cake before blocking out the memory with euphemisms. “I mean, I remember my daughter’s cake being warm, but not melted.”

Reverse-Psychology Word Magnets


280+ Word Magnets: The power of detesting your own pessimistic language is yours with Reverse Psychology Word Magnets. Whether you form poetry, prose or negative affirmations, these magnets help you see the ridiculousness of your bad attitude so much, you change! When you blatantly see your own self-defeating attitude on your refrigerator, you will realize just how ridiculous you have been. You will gain strength to stop being self-negating.