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Yoga-Matic Instant Teacher Certification Programs

Yoga-matic cert

Yoga means Union. It unifies the person with God. But in our case, we connect with you via Instant Messenger. Simply keep the IM thread alive long enough to disclose your credit card number and you can teach alongside the certified competitors churned out by YogaWorks’ 4-week teacher training! $5000 + non-refundable self-esteem.

Karma Lampoon Newsletter December 2010

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Greetings faithful subscribers and serendipitous web-surfers, After much time and silence I am excited to be returning to Karma Lampoon. Much has transpired since beginning this ultra-fun project. An explanation is in order! Firstly, for those of you versed in…

Five Heavy-Handed Ways To Overcome Resistance To Meditation

meditation lock box

“Anyone who has ever practiced meditation with any regularity knows that the benefits are innumerable. Those who have practiced meditation with intensity during a silent retreat and then quickly lose impetus in everyday life, also know about the profound effects of going within.

Along with a sitting practice comes obstacles, both self-imposed and societal, that get in the way of consistency. For example, sometimes we despise meditation.

Half Prodigal Son Hits Bottom, Fails To Return Home

half prodigal son

“I just wanted to take the inheritance I had coming to me, forego education, and go out and live by my own free will,” said Weitz while collating papers in a job he got through a temp agency, “But I blew through the money, then took a bunch of shitty jobs, and eventually regretted being such a rebel.”

Ear Candles Ruin Birthday Cake

ear candles birthday cake

“I’m so sorry I altered his cake beyond edibility, this didn’t happen when I used ear candles on my daughter’s cake,” said Farbstein who actually did destroy her daughter’s Cinderella cake before blocking out the memory with euphemisms. “I mean, I remember my daughter’s cake being warm, but not melted.”