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I assume the librarian judged my half-assed lies about stealing The Four Agreements, and I take it personally.

angry four agreements

I stole a self-help book. I helped myself to a copy of “The Four Agreements.” I needed it more than someone with the moral standards to not steal it. Besides, it was a public library and I pay sales tax. But I’m an honest guy, so I’m going to tell you the truth: I lied to the librarian when she asked me about it.

Five Heavy-Handed Ways To Overcome Resistance To Meditation

meditation lock box

“Anyone who has ever practiced meditation with any regularity knows that the benefits are innumerable. Those who have practiced meditation with intensity during a silent retreat and then quickly lose impetus in everyday life, also know about the profound effects of going within.

Along with a sitting practice comes obstacles, both self-imposed and societal, that get in the way of consistency. For example, sometimes we despise meditation.

Octo-Kali Ma: ‘Powerfully Unnecessary Symbol’


“Kali Ma is a Hindu Goddess of energy. She’s extremely revered as a force of time, change, and annihilation,” said Raj Peerzada, Wikipedia surfer. “Nadya Suleman is an American welfare recipient who birthed octuplets in 2009. By conjecture, Octo-Kali Ma is a quick rising symbol of destruction and misappropriation of energy.”

Oh No! I Overmeditated Before My Aggressive Board Meeting


Damn it! I knew we were going to be going head-to-head over some pretty big issues, and I knew I’d have to fight like a pirate bastard for my agenda. But what did I do?! Like an idiot I went and reached a deep level of absorption in which I slipped outside of the realm of time and space.

I was almost late, which was an issue, but worse than that, I had become too detached from Samsara, this world of illusion. I just…I want so bad to have not relinquished temporal desire at that particular moment. That sucked.