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I assume the librarian judged my half-assed lies about stealing The Four Agreements, and I take it personally.

angry four agreements

I stole a self-help book. I helped myself to a copy of “The Four Agreements.” I needed it more than someone with the moral standards to not steal it. Besides, it was a public library and I pay sales tax. But I’m an honest guy, so I’m going to tell you the truth: I lied to the librarian when she asked me about it.

Reverse-Psychology Word Magnets


280+ Word Magnets: The power of detesting your own pessimistic language is yours with Reverse Psychology Word Magnets. Whether you form poetry, prose or negative affirmations, these magnets help you see the ridiculousness of your bad attitude so much, you change! When you blatantly see your own self-defeating attitude on your refrigerator, you will realize just how ridiculous you have been. You will gain strength to stop being self-negating.

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Life Scripter™ is the first full-time no-nonsense wellness program that leaves nothing to the imagination. Subscribers receive Daily Download™ Scripts via email, every morning, which outline and micro-manage every waking moment. Your soul and your mind will stop struggling against each other, having been replaced by a third party: Life Scripter™.